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What's the big deal with dog poop, anyway?

Have you heard the phrase "there is no poop fairy"? When you walk your dog and do not pick up her waste, it doesn't magically disappear or fertilize the ground. It remains there until it gets washed away by precipitation, which causes stormwater pollution. Stormwater isn't treated before it reaches the river, and pet waste contributes to poor water quality. Not to mention, can you imagine walking in your local park or on trails where no one ever picked up their dog's poo? It's pretty unpleasant - so picking up your dog's waste is part of being a responsible and respectful dog owner and member of your community.

Where are your products made?

We work with local manufacturers, using domestically sourced materials whenever possible. Our Stowaway poop bag dispenser & Classic Canvas dispensers are sewn in downtown Albuquerque. Our Paw Balm is made by hand by co-owners Erick and Jen. Learn more about our commitment to our local economy here.

How should I clean my Stowaway waste bag dispenser?

The Stowaway is made with super durable components that wash up really well - check out this blog post for more information about scrubbing your Stowaway clean.

I don't understand how to use the Stowaway - where do I attach it?

The Stowaway poop bag dispenser is meant to be versatile. Clip it to your belt loop, your backpack, your dog's harness, or your dog's leash. We like to attach it to the handle of a standard dog leash.

My Stowaway doesn't fit my style of leash. Why not?

When we designed the Stowaway, we wanted it to be as flexible and versatile as possible. Try adjusting the webbing on the top of the bag if it's too snug or too loose. If it still doesn't fit yours, it can clip to your belt loop, your dog's harness, a dog walking bag, or a backpack.

What's in your Paw Balm, and is it ok if my dog licks his pads after I apply it?

We'll answer that question with a story -- Erick's dog, Harvey, once managed to get into a tin of Paw Balm and he ATE THE ENTIRE THING. We don't recommend this, of course, but we know that dogs are mischievous, and so we made extra sure that all of the ingredients in the Paw Balm are 100% lick-friendly. Read more about the ingredients we use here.